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The CashCardOne International Debit Card

Wherever you are and whatever you do - whether in a store, over the phone or online - we have a great CashCardOne solution for you.

From Everyday to Holiday

If you are looking for a smart alternative to a High Street bank account, wish to shop securely online, or want a safe way to pay while on your holiday abroad, our accounts and associated cards are for you.

Everday Banking Account

Your card is attached to your Everyday Banking Account - a great alternative to traditional banks. You are welcome here regardless of global location and past financial history - sign up for our accounts without credit checks.

CashCardOne INTL Mastercard®

The safest way to pay for goods or services on a daily basis or whilst travelling. Available in multiple currencies, your card gives you immediate access to your available CashCardOne Everyday Banking Account balance.


Travelling with Your Card

Your CashCardOne International Mastercard® is a safe and convenient way to carry your money around on your travels and a great way to pay in any relevant currency. You can also carry additional cards in various currencies as you wish.

What's Different?

Your CashCardOne cards work just like a High Street bank debit card – you have immediate access to your own money to use for anything from purchases and cash withdrawals to bill payments. You do not need to top up the card, or ask for card loads!


Anywhere you see the Mastercard Acceptance mark displayed

Your CashCardOne Debit Card gives you all the key features of a High Street bank account

  • Accept wage payments – save money on cheque-cashing fees and avoid the risk of carrying cash
  • Get bills paid online or automatically – via Direct Debit or Standing Order
  • Accepted worldwide – at ATMs in stores and online, at home and abroad – anywhere that you see the Mastercard® acceptance mark
  • Provide Purchase Protection at no extra cost – peace of mind when items purchased with the card do not arrive or arrive broken

Instant online approval

There are no credit checks required to open an account. We offer an almost 100% guaranteed acceptance rate, so you’ll be able to receive a card even if you have a bad credit history.



Bank Account

The CCO Debit Card is the perfect alternative to a bank account.

Paying Bills

Pay your bills quickly with your CCO Debit Card over the phone or online.


Manage your budget safely whilst travelling.

Online Shopping

Shop safely for bargains online with your CCO Debit Card.

Manage Debt

Improve money management with a CCO Debit Card.

Online Gambling

Play securely and discreetly online in allowed jurisdictions.

Purchase Protection

Your CCO Debit Card purchases are covered with free Purchase Protection.

Business Expenses

Manage your business expenses with CCO Debit Cards.

Household Budgeting

Use your CCO Debit Card to keep within your household budget.

If You’re Underbanked

Get a CCO Debit Card without credit checks.


You’ll be able to make and receive payments!


FOR BUSINESSES - we offer you an alternative to an expensive, restrictive High Street bank account

And, we can open an account for you today!

From a unique Account Number that’s available as soon as we successfully approve your application, to online payments and transfers and instant cash loads – the CashCardOne Business Account works just like a traditional business bank account.

Additionally, our account attached Debit Cards offer a great solution for business expenses, cutting the cost and time spent managing corporate credit cards.

 A great alternative to a High Street business bank account

Let us take the complexity of High Street banks out of your life with a solution that works in the same way as a traditional business account. We take care of the banking, you focus on what’s important – growing your business!

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to a sole trader bank account, a limited company bank account or a partnership account, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the value for money we offer.

You’ll be able to make and receive payments in a variety of ways and you’ll be eligible for some fantastic account extras, including currency cards, high interest bearing accounts and 24/7 online banking.

You deserve a better alternative to business banking that’s simple and low cost

  • 100% instant online decision
  • A versatile alternative to a business account with no credit checks required to open an account
  • A simple low monthly account fee
  • Interest bearing accounts for your not needed capital with full access to interest earned

Hassle free alternative to High Street small business banking

  • The CashCardOne Business Account works in much the same way as a High Street business bank account, but at a fraction of the cost
  • Send and receive bank transfers and pay in cash with your FREE account attached Debit Card
  • The account will be in your business’s name
  • Register the account for Merchant Services

Run this as your main business account

  • It does nearly everything but accept and issue cheques
  • You’ll be able to invoice clients in your business’s name, with your business name also being displayed on the Business Mastercard® that comes with the account.
  • You’ll be able to send and receive bank transfers and set up Standing Orders & Direct Debits.
  • As with any High Street business account, you’ll be able to manage your business account online.
  • The main difference to a High Street business bank account is that we don’t have branches and don’t process cheque payments.

Apply for a great value business account now

Apply for your alternative to a business banking account today. You’ll receive your Account and Bank Code numbers as soon as you’ve finished your application and your card within 7 working days. It’s that simple!

If you’d like to discuss your requirements further, please visit our CONTACT US page and submit your inquiry.

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